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Lalao Randriambilatra: for her continued assistance, support and encouragement throughout the planning, fieldwork and finalisations.

Mr. & Mrs. Metcalf for their invaluable support, advice and provision of a base in Tana

From the team:

Jina Sagar for falling off her bar stool . . .

Lorraine Marshall-Ball for being thrown in at the deep end.

Rivo, Alain, Henriot and Claudine for their hard work

Emmanuel Razakason for being a fast learner and becoming an excellent guide on Nosy Iranja, and Jean-Luc Randriambelo Randrianirina for becoming a star turtle researcher and guide on Nosy Iranja

Joslin and Patrice for being amazing boatmen, reliable and good friends. From Conservation Institutions involved:

From WWF Tana, everybody involved, especially Jean Paul Paddack and Remi Ratsimbazafy for their support and assistance; as well as Achille Raselimanana

From WWF Diego: Solange, Kamar and everyone else , for their logistical support and advice and provision of accommodation in Diego.

From WCS, Matthew Hatchwell for much support in the initial proposal and continuing interest in work done in the Radamas, and Marius from WCS for advice concerning work in the Radamas

From ONE, Andrew Cooke from ONE for the initial suggestion and continuing interest

CNRO Nosy Be for accessing literature from their library. From Tana University: Mme Noro for being a fantastic field worker! and Jakob for helping with all the permits.

People who helped us along the way:

Saindo for saving us with a boat motor for Nosy Hara M. Alain for lending us his boat, boatmen and being a rock in Nosy Be (and letting us run off to Nosy Hara with one of his boatmen!)

Hassanaley for permission to work on Nosy Berafia

Fred Fauré for enabling us to work on Nosy Iranja.

Mr. & Mrs. Gray for their help, particularly with managing the UK end of finances whilst the team was in Madagascar.

Elia Ranaivoson for his initial teaching of Malagasy.

Gerard for letting us see his DEA on fishing practices.

Quest International for their provision of a botany list for Nosy Hara.

Clive Hambler for his assistance in the UK and for the first month in Madagascar

William Razanajao the artist in Nosy Iranja for his enthusiasm